One of the biggest difference which makes a successful internet marketer is the type of traffic that they are able to acquire. Sure, getting 100,000 social visitors from Facebook will perhaps make you one sale, but that is just out of pure luck. You can see it in almost everywhere where there are “new” online marketers following the advice of the “gurus” – “I have visitors but no sales!“.

Improve Your Conversion Rates - Make More MoneyAffiliate marketing can be tricky, and I have been focusing on affiliate programs for quite some time after I started my online adventures with Adsense, and I have to say, you need a somewhat different approach.

1. Focus on getting customers – not visitors!

It is very simple, but you can be way off if you haven’t been following the right advice. Many people are focusing on improving the number of visitors to their site, and once they hit some magic number like 1000 visits per day, and they still aren’t making many sales, they get frustrated with their affiliate program, and start switching them around. There are tons of high quality affiliate programs out there with products that will convert like crazy, and sales pages that are optimized to make even the most hesitant customer grab their wallet and take their Visa card out. If you are anywhere the Health-niche, I suggest you have a look at MoreNiche, they have been around for a long time, and I have been with them for over a year now. They are reliable, helpful and have products that have some real PR – so they are already known to many of the customers you send them (this will improve conversions).

The problem is usually the quality of traffic you are funneling to their sales page. This depends on the ways you get your traffic.

Probably the worst way to get traffic is to buy traffic. The visitors are usually people that are in no way interested in the product you are presenting them, and they are there just for some dumb reason – they might even be paid to quickly go through your site and then move on to the next one. If you want conversions, don’t buy traffic – you will only get frustrated as you get visitors, not customers.

Possibly the second worst traffic is most types of social traffic. So you are tweeting about your product, and you are Facebooking about it, to a bunch of random friends you have either bought or “made”. Some of them will visit the page you linked, but what are the chances that some of them are actually looking for the product you are marketing them – very tiny. Most likely they will visit your sales page, and then go away. Once again, they aren’t customers. If they “like” a page that you have created that is closely related to the niche where your product is, the chances of them making a purchase is larger, but then again, when you shared the link with them, they weren’t actually looking for anything at that moment, so they might not go for it.

No matter what anyone  says, search engine traffic is still the best converting traffic in my eyes (I might not know what to do elsewhere though). If you choose your keywords wisely, the person who typed that keyword in the search box, already has their wallet with them, and their MasterCard is already out. They opened their computer for one reason today, and that is to buy the product you are selling them. They find your site, and buy the product. They are customers, not visitors. If you had an offline store, you wouldn’t want thousands of people visiting it daily, without buying anything now would you? All you would need is a hundred people each day who buy something – preferably something expensive! Catch my drift?

2. Tell the customer what you want them to do!

So you did the hard seo work, or you bought some Adwords traffic and are now getting targeted customers to your landing page, but it still doesn’t convert. What are you doing wrong?

The amount of conversions you will get, is dependant on the keyword, the product and the overall feeling that the customers have. Some products convert bad, some worse, and some like crazy. Generally if you can get 10% of the people visiting your site, to click to the sales page, and 10% of them to buy the product, you are doing very well – on average that would mean you need 100 visitors to make one sale.

3000 visitors a month for 30 sales a month, and depending on the commissions you get it could mean anywhere from $200 to $1500 in revenue – sounds good? The more traffic you have, the more you will benefit from really working on your landing page to improve the conversion rates, but you don’t just want people to click the link to the landing page, you want them  to be in the right mood when they do so. The closer they are to giving their credit card details when they enter the product page, the more likely you are to make a sale.

If you are trying to trick the visitor in to clicking the link to their sales page, it is not going to convert. The visitor is most likely going to be offended and feel like they are being scammed if you trick them in to doing anything. With affiliate marketing, you have to be very honest with the customer from the start, and make it clear that this is the product you are talking about, and this is where you can buy it. No tricks, just plain old “tell the customer what to do” and you are going to see the difference.

First impression is very important! If your site looks like shit, it is very easy not to trust anything you say. “It’s a scam“. If you mispelled one word, you look like you are a foreigner, and what do foreigners do? They scam you. Close the window, or hit the back button of the browser.

People who are buying something, make fast decisions and go with their gut feeling. If they spend 10 seconds on your site, they are not going to buy, they just want to read. So you have to make it very clear for them. Make it clear from the first glance where they can buy the product, why they should buy this product, and how their life will be better with this product. After that tell them to buy it. I am talking about big letters, bold sentences and CTA graphics. Three sentences is all you need, and if they didn’t click to the sales page by then, they not very likely to buy anything unless you are one mean marketer.

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, and you aren’t converting as well as you would like to, try making some alterations to your strategy using the advice above. I am certain that if you don’t have these things in order, your conversion rates aren’t as good as they could be. These are all methods I have used to improve my conversion rates, and I can tell you that it makes one big difference to make 1/10 conversion over 1/50.

Do you have any other tips on improving your landing pages? Leave them in the comments – I hope we can get a nice discussion going about the subject.



I really have to disappoint some of you guys who are actually reading and following my blog. I haven’t been really active here, because quite frankly I had a really passive period for about a month, and I haven’t been working much at anything. After that I started working again at my websites and then I took a weekend semi-business trip with my brother to look at other things I could start earning from. I would be great to have the possilbity of making only passive income, and it is possible and I am doing it, but I am also interested in real stuff and really providing good products and services to good people and making money as a byproduct. It is also possible to make passive offline income, but you need money to make in happen, and unlike with online business that usually make you money without investments, offline  business take a lot of money to get started.

It requires quite a lot of effort and money to get started, and planning is definitely important with it. Making the necessary calculations to be sure that you can manage a year or more without really making any money from your business is something that any starting offline business has to do. This means that you have to have a years rent, and running expenses like water, electricity and so on before you even start the damn thing. If you can manage for more than one or two years, it is likely that you are going to make it a good and profitable thing.

Depending on the type and size of business, initial investments usually range from $10 000 all to way to $1 000 000 – although small businesses aren’t usually started with the latter amount of money. If you start your own store you need to have it at a good location to get customers without investing too much money on advertising, if your store is located somewhere where it is hard to find, no-one will come by even if you spend a fortune on advertising. Good locations cost a lot of money, and if you want to have your own small store, you are going to spend about $2000 a month on rent alone at a decent spot. Multiply that by twelve and you have your first years rent. Feel free to overestimate your water bill, electricity, book keeping, advertising, to be sure that you make it. It is not going to be the best way to get money without doing shit, unless you have a revolutionnary business. If you are going to sell clothes in NYC, you are off for a rocky road, but if you are starting a dentists practise in Nashville you are most likely going to make a fortune without effort.

Making money online has the exact same problems that a real business has but if you haven’t been planning starting a real business you don’t even realize it. I started my online business about a year ago, and at first I was doing it by building websites on free blog hosts. These are like the shops at a crappy location and basically no-one will ever find them unless you do some serious advertising or kickass SEO – and some people won’t even come then. They see that you are hosted on blogspot, and they avoid it like the plague. So if you want to have your website looking like it’s the real thing you are most likely going to need to get your own domain for it. This is not necessary though since most internet marketers are actually looking to look a bit unreliable so that the customer will get the heck away from their “shop” – click out through an ad or just close the browser. If you are going to sell affiliate products you need to convince the visitor – customer – and for that you will most likely need something else than a garage sale. So for one online store you are going to need a hosting account and a domain name. The latter will cost you less than $10 per year, and the hosting will cost you just about at much as you are willing to pay for it. It is like investing in the foundation of your house – the more you are going to add floors to the building the better foundation you are going to need. Starting with a crappy shared hosting account will most likely get you started, but I can bet that once you have more than ten websites, you will find a reliable reseller hosting account like the one on the sidebar there, a lot more useful. Also since you aren’t working in someones basement they can’t kick you out if they don’t like the way you handle your business.

The difference with an online business is that you don’t have so much expenses especially if you know your game. Choosing the right domain name, doing some SEO will get you far, but with online stores the conversion rate is always going to be a lot worse than with offline ones. If you take time to go to a store in your town or nearby, you are most likely going to buy something anyways regardless of the price – unless you are a woman and you are going to shop for clothes. Online stores have a lot of visitors who don’t buy anything because they are just there to do a quick price comparison or see if you have the exact product that they are looking for. Offline stores sell a lot more per visitor but also have a lot more running expenses. Online affiliate product websites sell even less and the comission that you are going to get is marginal compared to the amount of money that the company paying you is going to make.

Making money without investments is possible if you do it online – well at least with minimal investments – but if you are going to start a real business then you are most likely going to have to take a loan and spend a lot of money to get started. This is by far the biggest reason for so many people trying to make money online, but also the fact that everyone seems to think that you can do what the fuck you want to make money online, or not do anyhing at all. If you are going to game the system – SEO – then you have to be quite certain that you aren’t making it too obvious. Building websites simply for the purpose of displaying Adsense – owned by Google btw – and gaming them on the top of Google – owned by Google btw – search results is like stealing a Police car.

Last week a famous MMO blog got deleted from blogger and deindexed from Google search results and the MMO crowd got wild with speculations. At the same time Ben reported losing a $100/day worth of thin adsense sites, and the soup was pretty much ready. Griz was the first to blog about this and I intended to write something about it then, but was pre-occupied with some “real” stuff.  What do I think that happened? It was a coincidence that Ben and Alan had simultaneous problems. I think that Ben got a visual review for his account for hitting a specific daily earnings limit, and since he wasn’t doing anything against Adsense TOS, he didn’t lose his account, but G thought that his sites weren’t valuable enough to be kept in the index, because quite frankly they were most likely a perfect example on how to game them. I just read about a finnish nutrition blog that got flagged as spam last thursday and the owner got a “your blog is spam” email. He complained about it and got it back and the e-mail in his gmail account disappeared. Maybe they did some updates on their spam monitoring at Google, and that blog got flagged because it was updated frequently, and got a lot of natural links – forums and other “spammy stuff”. Who knows!

The point of this is that you can make money online without investing a lot of money, but don’t be a cheap bastard and try to get everything for free. Get a hosting account, and a few domain names, and you are still spending a lot less than you would if you were running a real offline business.

For you guys who are asking me in the comments how my snipers are doing.. There are no problems with them – at least not yet. I always inteded to spread them out when I got them up and running, and I am slowly adding more posts and making them more and more unique. Also I am removing adsense from some of them that don’t make too much from it, and trying out other stuff to see what converts. I have a lot going on right now as I am negitiating deals offline, and trying to get some online work in there as well.

So I guessed it would be time to get another post up here, since I have been meaning to post for a long time but can’t find the motivation to write here just now. Why is that? Well the most important fact is that I am making money and am too busy to write here, the other one is that I want to have some real materil that I am going to post here – not just fluffy posts that many bloggers post on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be very useful for me to write posts like “30 days for better blogging” and “Make money from home – I can and so can you“. Don’t get me wrong, motivational posts are great and nice to read and always get a lot of comments, but I am probably not the best person to be writing them.

I have been busy with my Make Money From Home With Micro Websites project – a lot more busy than I planned to be. I meant to be posting about it more, and I meant to be doing a lot more sites a lot faster, and I also planned not to be working on them too much, but as it turns out – I knew this already – backlinks make you the money; not the websites. Controversial? Nope.

I linked out to the micro niche websites post just aboe and after that I wrote this post about backlinks, which was titled Is It Worth The Work To Make Money From Home? and even thought it wasn’t meant to be about backlinks it turned out to be about that. I wanted to just make a point about how search engines rank your websites, and that you can make income with other traffic than SE traffic – even though it is a well known fact that properly optimized traffic from the engines can give you a pretty good conversion rate.

What I am going to talk to you here, is the rankings of my sniper sites. I am going to cease talking about my income and I won’t be giving you exact figures about how much money I am making from home, but I can give one thing: I am not working my dayjob anymore. All my income is strictly online income, and from the sites that I built back in december, and which I have been optimizing for a while now. I mentioned in a comment earlier an approximation about the money that I am making from these sites alone, but keep in mind that I have other sites also. Even so, it is not about how much I make, but what do I observer as I am building my income.

The stats that I have here, are from a batch of 50 sites and I am going to describe what needed to be done to make this happen. It’s not from a long period of time, but you should get the idea where I am getting here.

A few weeks ago I had a look at the rankings of my sniper sites and here are the rough values:

  1. 2 sites ranking #1 for their keyword
  2. 28 sites ranking on the first page for their keyword. These are all low first page rankings.
  3. 13 sites ranking on the second page
  4. 2 sites on the third page
  5. 15 sites ranking third page or higher, and the majority of these are above rank 200

So what was I going to do? I was going to evenly build backlinks for all of these sites but someone opened my eyes and adviced that it would be a great idea to work on those second page sites, and get them to first – since the money is on the #1 ranking, and if you are on the second page – no-one is going to find your sites. I started to work on those second page sites and only less than a week after that I looked at the stats again and here is what I got:

  1. 3 sites ranking #1
  2. 3 sites ranking #3
  3. 3 sites ranking #4
  4. 21 sites ranking #5-10
  5. 11 sites on the second page and these were all mid-high second page rankings
  6. 8 sites from ranks #20-60
  7. Rest were still too far back

I made some interesting notions here. I talked about the importance of the domain suffix here previously, and mentioned that .biz was sucking ass, but this proved me otherwise. One of the sites that I had on .biz were previously on ranks +200 and I wasn’t building links to it. Suddenly it jumped to #29 for its keyword. Now this is promising! I also made another observation.

I started one of these sites for a keyword that was supposed to get 880 searches a month based on the external tool of the big G, and 330 searches by the search based keyword tool. It was now ranking #1 for its keyword and suddenly pulled 200 visitors per day. Now this might be a bit seasonal traffic because of some New years resolutions that people like to do, but even so it’s getting a lot more than 11 visitors per day that the search based tool was suggesting. Still a lot more than the External tool was suggesting. Did the income from this site bounce up? Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to convert for adsense, and I am now trying to get some Clickbank sales with it.

I started working on those second page sites once again. This means that I would be getting backlinks for them. If you don’t know much about backlinks, then you need to have a look about this post made by Allyn, which tells you everything you need to know about backlinks. Seriously – he lays it out so that the simplest minds can understand it. I am not going to rewrite a perfect post about backlinks here, so you will have to check his post if you want to know what it is about.

Recently I had another look at the rankings and even if I am not yet at having 40 sites on the first page, I am sure that I will soon. This is what they are ranking right now:

  1. 3 sites rank #1 – one site that was previously ranking #69 jumped to #1. Why? You guessed it! Backlinks!
  2. 13 sites are ranking #3-5. That 200 visitors site that I was talking about… Well it dropped from #1 to #4, but still pulling 30-60 people a day. Looks like someone else noticed that they had lost their ranks and built a few links to their own sites.  I’ll have to get it back up there!
  3. 16 sites are sitting #6-10. This is nice but it’s not yeat 40 sites on the first page!
  4. 11 sites are high second page
  5. 2 sites low second page
  6. 3 sites high third page
  7. And the rest? Well they are somewhere there 😀

The next thing to do is to analyze how much money these sites are making and try to proportion it to the rankings. That way I can easily determine which keywords are money makers and which aren’t. After I get those sites up to #1 and build other sites on similar keywords and niches, I can ride to the sunset and make money from home – and lots of it. Based on that analysis I will…

Build Bigger Sites To Make Money

Yeah this is the ultimate goal here. No-one wants to be building hundreds and hundreds of sites all the time, but what we want is to have 10-20 websites that each make a $1000+ or more per month. Is it possible?! Well sure it is, but not as fast as I would think. It is going to take time and a lot of links to get a site to make that much money, but it is possible. I know it is.  Once your website will get a decent amount of authority in a niche, it is going to rank easily on top second page with each post that you write, that are based on a keyword. After that it’s just about getting some – am I repeating myself here? – backlinks and boosting that post to first page. Just write as often as you can and get as much links as you can and you are constantly building more and more income with that particular site. And that is my plan for 2010 – I want to start those sites and get them making me money, while I sit at home – or at the beach in Bali. Not a 5000 word mega post today but heck who reads those anyways!

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When I think of working from home I don’t think about working for someone else doing remote work. I see making money from home as a business, and I see it as a way of removing yourself from wage slavery and getting rid of having to answer to your boss. When you are doing a regular job you are going to be paid by the hour, and you will have a steady income that is based on the hours that you put in. When you are working for yourself you don’t directly get money for the things you do, and the time you spend, but instead the income will come as a result from all the efforts that you pu it – it might not be directly related to the amount of work that you do. This leaves a lot of people not making any money because they are too busy thinking what is worth the work and what is not.

What is worth it?

Making money online is not easy, and it will most likely require a lot of work before you will see the money, and in the end you can do calculations whether you got paid “enough” compared to the amount of work that you put in to it. At some point you will realize that you are more effective if you outsource specific tasks because your time is more valuabe spent otherwise, but in the beginning everything is worth it.

The most frequent questions that I see are ones that are related to obtaining backlinks. People are thinking if it is worth it to bookmark your sites to various social bookmarking sites, because those links are not as powerful as other types of links that might you might get. This results in people avoiding social bookmarking, even if it takes only a little time and you can even get some direct traffic from the bookmarking sites. It is a well known fact the links with a “no-follow” tag don’t count so much for the search engines and for that reason people are not using big SB sites like Delicious since they will not directly affect the organic rankings in the search engines. Well if avoid this completely you are missing on a couple of hundred backlinks to your site. They might not be powerful and for that reason people think that they are not worth it.

Doing article submission to different article directories is something that is commonly used amongst internet marketers as a way of obtaining correctly anchored backlinks. This will take a lot more time than doing SB because you will have to write good articles to publish, and do the submission either using a tool or doing it manually. Even so it is known that not all the directories are created equal, and something like Ezine Articles is showing to be one of the sites that the big G likes, and for that reason many marketers leave their submissions to that single directory, forgetting about the hundreds, or thousands of other sites because they simply don’t carry too much juice or have a no-follow tag. The very primal meaning of article submission is to get people using those directories to read your article, and click on your footer link to your site. Is that not targeted traffic? They used the directory to search for your keyword and found your site that way. If you are not doing article submission to all the possible sites there are, you are leaving out on a few hundred legit backlinks to your site. Once again they might not be the strongest links you’ll get but when you combine them with the SB links you are already missing out on more than five hundred links. It can take you fifteen minutes to half an hour to write an article to a database and you won’t see any money from that single article.

Directory submission is considered being one of the least effective ways to obtain rankings in the search engines. People from the make money online crowd keep telling that directories don’t help you rank. Well how about submitting your website to a hundred web directories – will that help you to make money from home? There are people using these directories to find what they are looking for, and if you are looking for targeted traffic then there you go. Some of these sites come with a no-follow tag, but it does not matter for the people who click on the link. You might spend hours doing all this and it won’t directly make you money so it is natural to think that it is not worth spending the time to do this. After all at your day job you are going to get paid by the hour, and if you can’t accomplish the same working from home, then why bother? Combine directories, with social bookmarking and submitting to all the article directories you are looking at a thousand correctly anchored backlinks to your website – is it worth the time it took for you to achieve this?

Forums are a great way to participate in conversations in your niche, and some of the forums allow you to use a footer link, or to point links from your posts to your websites. The thing is that forums are filled with links and the pages don’t usually get a good PR. If you spam the forums with just one post with your link it is not likely to stick but there is a moderator that will delete it for being spammy. How about writing quality content there and directing other people there to useful websites – your own – with a correctly anchored backlink? These people are interested in the niche and definitely targeted traffic. You could take part in multiple forums and get links from all of them to your main site, to your articles and to your possible supporting websites, but is it worth it since you won’t directly see the money rolling in?

Is it worth it make money from home?

With your own business you are always bound to do more work than you expected, and you are not likely to make as much money as you expected. If you have any hobbies you are aware of the fact that sometimes you will have to do things that won’t directly make you money and that is how you should treat your make money online experiments in the beginning. It is all about your mentality, and if you don’t do the backlinks because they won’t directly make you rank, you are making it too easy for your competition to outrank you.

Personally I believe that all the automation tools that there are, are making people more and more lazy, and people are avoiding decent links to their sites because they involve work. If you can’t get a thousand backlinks for writing one article and spinning it, then it is not worth the effort right? No. Getting all the possible backlinks to your site is what makes your site rank – sure you can get better ROI from obtaining high quality backlinks from authority sites, but who can do it at all times? Sure some of the most talented internet marketers have methods in obtaining a backlink from wherever they want, but sometimes this takes even more work than getting those hundreds of links from the article directories.

How can you make the less valuable links, be more valuable

Many people leave their links to one layer – this is quite understandable because the work involved in linking all your links. If you publish articles to a hundred of directories, and then write articles that have backlinks to all those articles it is going to be a lot of work, but it is going to make those links a lot more valuable. Even a non indexed article from some random directory can be made powerful by building a dozen backlinks  to it which will get it indexed and ranked. This will carry out more juice and it will make your money site making more money because of the organic rankings it just gained.

Don’t just spam out those links but try at least to make them interesting – you can write boring articles to directories but it does not take much more effort to make them at least a little interesting and get people clicking on the footer link and visiting your site. If your site is not that interesting they might want to click on an ad to get out and that is money in your pocket – this is a method that a lot of people use to market affiliate products. Some internet marketers don’t even bother with organic rankings, but insted publish hundreds of articles to article directories and work with the referral traffic – there’s a lot of money to be made this way also. If your article is a jabbering nonsense article then no-one bothers to check your website out.

While you are doing the bookmarking for your website, why not bookmark all your articles at the same time. This will get them at least some easy backlinks and might get them indexed and worth something SEO wise.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is something that is not easy to obtain, but in the end it is all about making every dollar possible without thinking about the work involved. Sometimes you can land a $100 sale for five minutes of work, and sometimes you will have to work for two hours to get $10 but in the end it is all money to your pocket and you are making money from home, working for yourself! When you are a big shot internet marketer you can start thinking whether your time is better spent doing something else than writing articles for directories, and at that point you are not going to stop doing it but you will outsource it. Don’t spend your time thinking whether something will make you enough money to be worth it – you will never know before you do it.

What comes to my micro websites

So a while ago I started a micro website campaign : Making money from home with micro websites.

What is going on? Well I am behind schedule as usual – I got overestimated my work capacity and underestimated the time spent on each site. Currently I have about 60 websites up and about half of them are indexed and ranking. Some of them are on the second page, and some on the first page, and a small number of them are ranking lower – this means that my methods of evaluating competition and building the sites are not way off – I have not built backlinks to any of these sites yet. Some of them I know won’t make me much money, but I did not know that before I got them up and indexed. There are some unexpected money makers and with about 30 sites indexed (some of them are Adsense some Amazon and some eBay) I have had a pretty steady Adsense income of about $6-9/day. This means that in a month I have made the domain costs of those 30 sites back, and after that it is all income. It has taken almost all my free time to do this – even if I have spent a little more time with my gf than I planned to. Was it worth doing spending all that time doing this? Well I found two niches that I am going to build bigger sites around – the competition is not massive and as it turns out they get clicks quite well. So yes it was worth it! I will still continue to get at least 100 sites up with adsense, and after that I will probably continue with the bigger sites, or start doing this with Amazon. Dave from the best article directory – check it out; it’s worth it since you can use your Ad code to gain revenue from your articles – gave some great advice on how to make money with Amazon and I will most likely be doing an experiment of my own following his footsteps on that one at some point.

But right now I am suffering from wrist pain and I might have to take a few days off from writing and eat some NSAID medication for it, but after that I will be back to building the sites and making money. After all if you want to make money from home you will have to forget about the time spent and focus on making that income no matter what it takes. I am also planning on a vacation – we’ll head to India probably – but the thing is that I can’t take time off my dayjob. Making a full time income in a few months would be great and it would mean that we could take that vacation after I quit my job. Would you be ready to work a little extra to be able to take a vacation whenever you want and to work from home for yourself?

And just a remind for the CPC that keyword tools give you – a few days ago I scored a $5 click from a keyword that has a $0,9 CPC. Chew on that. And if you want more frequent updates follow me on Twitter @Phillaupher

I am one of those people who want to really make money online, and don’t really care what it takes – many people see that it is not enough to make money from home, but at the same time you should be able to make it easier then in a real work. I’ll have to break it to you right from the start: you are going to have to work more than you would at a regular job, but in the end the income is limitless – limited to the amount of work you are willing to put in.

I see people ever day who are asking questions like “how much work is it going to take” and “what do you need to do to achieve this” and also “I don’t want to work for nothing – I want you to tell me what keywords I should target, and what is the amount of competition I should go for with my sites.”

The only way to make money from home, is to work for it

See the thing is that not many people will do the work for you – only your mother and maybe your wife to some extent, but to be honest they are both going to quit trying to make money online before they see income. There are great tutorials that are going to tell you how to estimate the competition but in the end it is going to come to the point where you will have to do the work – can you stand the challenge?

I answer quite a lot of e-mails on a daily basis – well definitely not anything near to the amount that the real famous MMOers do but more than I would expect – and usually the questions are related to issues that I see as an obvious issue.

Making money from home with micro websites is something that is quite common, but in the end people are not going to work enough to make an income from it. One of the obvious issues that I get asked quite commonly is the way that I build my support sites, and to be really really honest with you, most of the people who are building websites at all are doing it initially wrong – not very wrong, but too wrong for them to be able to match the competition if they only build a few support sites with short posts and zero backlinks – these don’t count because the sites are quite unlike to ever get indexed.

First of all the keyword research is wrong – they are spending their time looking only at the PR of the competition when they should be paying attention to the amount of competiiton, the PR of the competition, the quality of the competition and the backlinks of the competition. PR simply does not mean anything when it comes to ranking on the search engines, and I might soon give your real life examples of this with one or two of my niche sites – this is not going to disturb me in making money from home because these keywords are going to be worthless, or you are simply not going to have the effort in you to target them.

A very common way to estimate competition when building websites that you want to search engine optimize to the top of the SERPS is to use the Google Keyword tools to find keywords that you are going to target. Usually people are using the exact search value that they are going to multiply with the CPC and then expect that they rank #1 for it. When you are #1 you can estimate that you are going to make an amount of money that is comparable to 40% of the searchers to click to your website, and then 5% of them to click the ads. So that is going to make us believe that the amount of money that can be made each month, from home with a #1 ranking micro website is 0.02*monthly search*CPC.

There is a keyword that is supposed to give you roughly 26 000 searches a month for the exact search and the competition is shitty websites which have a handful of backlinks with the correct anchors, and the CPC is almost $6,5. I found this keyword last spring when I built a website around it. When I ranked on page 1 I still waited for the traffic. To be honest all the three visitors that find my site each week, must be other internet marketers that are evaluating the competition, because at no point this site made me ANY money.

How do I evaluate the competition when building micro websites

When I am building those smalle micro websites I am really trying to find low competition keywords – preferrably no competition. How do I do it?

First of all the External Keyword Tool is not going to help you at all. It is going to give you estimates that are too high, too low, and the CPC is going to be way off. Do you want an example? Try doing a google search for this keyword. and take a look at the External Keyword Tool to estimate the money that you can make with it. With this example I should be making roughly $3400 a month with this single website – heck that is the same amount of money that Griz at some point stated to be making with MMOFB. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is.

The problem is that the External Keyword Tool is not going to only give you too high estimates, but at the same time it is going to give you too low estimates. What good does it really do for you? Not much. The day I realized this, I started using the Search Based tool to do my research when trying to make money from home.

What I soon noticed was that neither one of these tools gave me accurate estimates to any extent. I have websites that are pulling 1000 visitors per month from keywords that have 600 searches a month in the Search Based tool and 1000 searches a month in the External Tool. If you take a look at the example here, you won’t even find it in the search tool, even if it has 26 000 searches a month based on the plural and singular of the keyword in external tool.. This confused me and at this point I realized that I should not really trust on anything else but my gut.

The very first thing that you should do is to think about the keyword – is anyone going to use it in a search? REALLY? The money making example that is supposedly going to make you rich working from home, is a keyword that no-one is going to use. Our very primary instincts are the ones that you should trust – most of us start an MMO website in the beginning because “Make money from home” is a keyword that we think people use in the search engines. You are right about this one because you used it to find the websites that made y0u start your online venture in the first place. The problem with this is the competition – even if they don’t necessarily have the PR they have the backlinks, the authority, the domain age and  the content to outrank you for a long time.

When I say long time, I mean forever. As you are building your website, so are they and you are never going to catch them. If you want to make money from home you are going to have to do it with micro websites at first. These sites don’t have competition, they also don’t have a lot of searches, but if you make a lot of them you can make a nice income from home.

How to make money from home with micro websites

I am currently at the point where I am building websites that are not going to make me rich on their own, but if I make a thousand of them I can quit my day job. A thousand? That sounds like a lot of work – maybe I should outsource it? The fact is that 99.9% of the articles – the content – that I build on my sites comes from my keyboard. That 0.1% I outsource because it is going to be based on keywords that are simply too difficult for me to produce high quality content from, and it would take me too long time to do the research. At some point I will have to write about it, but for now I am focusing on building a lot of websites, and this is not going to hold me from making money from home.

When I evaluate the competition I go through a list of things, but based on my current experiences these don’t always apply. Sometimes I rank #2 off the bat, and sometimes #12, but even so here goes.

  1. Check out the amount of competition for the keyword. If you want to make money from home you will need to know how many other people are trying to achieve the same goals with the same keywords that you are using. I use 50 000 of competing sites as a limit, but sometimes I do go for keywords that have more competition, or sometimes I won’t go for them even if they have 50 000 competitors, and that is based on the other princples.
  2. Look at the search amount of that micro niche. When I try to make money from home with a website, I want the keyword to have a decent amount of searches to avoid building sites that rank #1 but have no visitors. You must remember though that the tools give you inaccurate estimates, and you are going to build a lot of websites with next to none searches even if they look like they will make you rich.
  3. Take a look at the CPC of the keyword. This again is an estimate, and it is not going to give you a good idea about the CPC but heck you will have to have some basis to target a keyword for a website. I have websites based on keyword that show $1,00 CPC and they give me roughly $1.00 per click, and I have websites that have $5.00 CPC and give me $7.00, but also I have sites that give me $0.10 when the CPC is supposedly over $5.00. If you look at a long tail version of a keyword that shows to have a $0.05 CPC and the base keyword – the short tail – has $10.00, you are likely to score money everywhere in between these numbers.
  4. Look at the backlinks of your competition. If your competition has your keyword in the majority of their backlink anchors then you should not even bother – they are targeting it and if you want to make quick money from home with micro websites, you should not really target keywords with competition. If they have non-targeted backlinks then it is time to go for it. The best tool to make this investigation is Linkdiagnosis.
  5. Find an exact URL domain. I know people are using free blogs to make money online, but these guys have a lot of great websites behind them, and if you are starting at this game, then you are going to have to wait a few years to really do this. This is the harsh truth – today you will have to spend a little money to be able to make money from home. This is thanks to the spammers that created a lot of websites on the free hosts and raked in a lot of money a few years back. Today it is quality that ranks. If you can’t find the exact .com url, go for the .net and if that is not available, then the .org and if not then .biz. You can also use the local domains ( and so on). .info does not rank well without backlinks. If you can’t find the exact url then you should really think twice whether you should target the keyword at all this way. ** UPDATE ** Based on my recent experiments .biz is not that much different from .info when it comes to instant rankings – With backlinks this should all be taken care of though.

You are going to have to be able to build sites in bulk to actually learn this game – you won’t learn anything before you start producing these sites on a daily basis. Reading this post is going to give you a nice idea on what you should do, but in the end it is about learning to target keywords that produce money with your style of writing – some of use can write people to click ads on certain keywords, and some of us can’t. If you really want to make money from home with micro websites you will have to understand that they priority is in building the sites, not in finding out how to build them. If you have not built the one hundred, two hundred or thousand sites, you won’t make the money.The learning curve is something that each one of us need to go through!

Static HTML vs. WordPress

It is not too long ago when I read a comment on an MMO blog that was basically claiming that WordPress is superior to any other way of building a website and that it was something that G appreciated and ranked high in the result pages. I don’t think that this comment was thought through but anyways it made me think a little bit about the way the search engines look at websites and also at my goals and little bit my future also.

See my goal : build a sufficent amount of websites that is going to produce an low maintenance income working from home. This is going to involve a lot of micro websies and also a lot of bigger websites that at some point will make me enough money so that I can live where I want to live, travel as much as I want to and work when I want to work – or not if I don’t want to.

This goal is quite general but until a few weeks back I did not really understand how many websites it would require. People are saying that you will have to build a lot o websites but based on my experinces most people need to see numbers to understand the proprtions.

When I select a keyword I select it on a basis that I expect it to make the value of the domain registration for each year, every month. This means that I would make 11 times the amount of money invested on the site – I don’t count hosting. If the value of the domain is $10 I want the site to make at least that amount of money each month – sometimes I make more, sometimes less. For me a nice full time income would be $3000, and for $10/month that would mean 300 sites. The biggest problem with making money from home with micro websites is that a big number of those sites are not going to make you that money. So I would rather estimate that I need 500 sites to make $3000 each month.

When I build these sites I aim to post 3-4 high quality informative posts on the subject – these micro websites are not supposed to look like they are made for making money, but instead they are meant to provide the information, and at the same time I have chosen to display some ads there – “to cover the hosting” or some shit. That is going to be 1500-2000 good informative posts that have each at least 400 words (usually 400-600, sometimes even more). If you are thinking about outsourcing, you are most likely going to use all your savings – the only real way to make money with this is to write all this yourself. When you make that $3000/month then use that money to outsource for articles and you should be soon looking at even a greater income – as long as you keep working yourself at the same time.

I can build a website in a little more than an hour, an hour and a half, and I do make them static HTML websites. This is because when I am thinking about my future in internet marketing I think about WordPress and my past. I have updated my blogs quite a lot, because WordPress constantly finds some security breaches and needs to be updated to patch these holes. If I want to make decent money working from home, I am possibly looking at 1000 micro websites at some point, and a few hundred bigger sites – if these are all WordPress blogs that need an update every three months, and all in one SEO pack needs an update about three times a year, I am looking at about 1200 websites to update every three months. I don’t need to do the math to realize that this is something I don’t want to do. For this reason I am currently basing all my micro niche websites on static HTML to avoid this. I won’t need to update the sites, the plugins and I don’t have to worry about someone cracking my wordpress password and hacking my site when I am not looking – it happens quite frequently even if you don’t believe it.

“But Phil!!! Building HTML sites needs a few years of education on website design and you need to master CSS and PHP and other shit!” To be honest, I don’t know shit about HTML and I don’t know shit about CSS. What I do know is to use a HTML color code palettes, and I know how to use the Google to find out what I need to know. Basically what I know about HTML is the <a> tags , <H1> and <H2> tags, and the <p> tag…. To be honest, that is pretty much what you need to make money from home with micro websites.

You can easily find HTML templates that are simple and ugly, using the search engines. What you need to do is to simply delete all the code that you don’t need – you don’t need anything else than a place where you can add your navigation and your posts. Strip the code, add H1 tags to the title of your page, H2 tags to the title of your post and use <a href> to link each page on your micro website, to each one of the pages on your micro website. Also you might want to link the titles of the posts to the main page and also use a link in each post with the keyword you are targeting as anchor, to point to the main page of your site. To start with, your micro niche website is going to have four or five pages – this includes the privacy policy that you are going to need – and that is merely a copy+paste work to get these pages done after the first one. If you chose a CSS template, you can easily use the CSS file to change the colors of the site for the following site, but in most cases this is not going to be needed. You won’t need a database to make a HTML site work, all you need is to upload the files to public_html – backuping this is simple as hell. Just build the site offline in its own directory, then .zip the files and save it as backup and you are done. No need to install a database backup plugin that needs to be updated every now and then a few weeks after WordPress needs an update.

The benefits of WordPress are the obvious. Doing a fantastico install is simple – it is not any faster than uploading your HTML to your hosting account using FileZilla, but it is simple. Adding more content is simple like it is with any CMS – it will build all the links on the old pages also – but when you are only building 4 posts who gives a shit? You can easily build nice looking websites with wordpress, but to be honest, nice looking websites never made anyone any money. Ugly websites, and a lot of them, have made a lot of internet marketers rich working from home.

WordPress works great on websites like this where I plan to add a lot of content during a long period of time. This is not one of the sites that I plan to make money out from, but instead this is website that I plan to write my methods down, and clear my plans to myself, and at the same time to people reading this blog – most of the people reading this are not going to have the motivation to try this out anyways so I am no feeling threatened by them as competition.

On page SEO is simple these days as the keyword density means less and less, and all you need to do is the get the H1 and H2 tags in the correct place – H1 on your webpage title that has to contain your keyword and H2 on the post title that has to contain your keyword. A major thing is to get the exact domain – this is going to make things a lot easier. After this it is going to be about your backlinks and nothing else. But if you are making money from home with micro niche websites that have no competition, the H tags and the domain name should be enough at first and you are not going to have to build a lot of backlinks in the future either.

To shorten things out for people who read this far the most important thing is to learn how to evaluate the competiton – this can only be learnt by building the sites and seeing how they rank, and analyzing the competition and the sites that you built. You need to get the exact domain name – if you can’t get it because it is parked by someone like SEDO, then you need to think if the keyword is worth to give a try with a different keyword, this is something that you will learn by doing. Only target buying keywords if you are a beginner. You can make money from home targeting informational keywords but you are going to need a lot of traffic and you are going to need a lot of marketing skills to be able to sell stuff to these people – don’t bother. You need to target products, services, and stuff that people use on a regular places. Find desperate people and build websites around solutions to their problems – sell them products as solutions. Choose the correct form of monetization – I don’t like to focus on a single form of monetization, because I constantly find potential keywords that simply don’t have ads for Adsense, or products at Amazon or eBay, so I only need to find a way to monetize and I can build the site. If I can’t find any way to monetize it, I will forget that keyword for a while.

Making money from home with micro websites is going to include a lot of work, but at the same time it can be one of the fastest ways to make money online. You can really see an income after the first two weeks you start to build the sites, and you can make a full time income in a few months. This though is going to require a lot of work, and if you want to build a hundred sites a month, then you will have to prepare to be writing and researching five to six hours a day, every day. I never said it was going to be an easy way to make money online, but to be honest, there are no such ways.

Ways To Make Money Working From Home

On November 16, 2009, in Ways To Make Money, by Phil

For the past year or so I have been seriously looking for ways to make money working from home, and I at first I really did not even consider using the internet to make it happen, but instead I was trying to figure out how I could run a home based business, and most of all I was trying to come up with a business idea. Everything from a mail order store was considered but in the end I did not see the potential in them in making money without the risk of investing a lot and losing it all. So I started to search for work at home opportunities and to be honest, there are not a lot of companies that are willing to hire people to work from their home – well at least I did not find them.

My criterias for a good way to make money working from home are the following:

  • You will have to have liberty about your working hours. No-one is going to give you anything more than a deadline for a project to be finished. After that it is you who decides how and when it is fulfilled – this is basically the definition of freelancing.
  • Choosing your timetable is one thing but also you should be able to do everything from your home. When a computer is involved it is usually typing or reading.
  • It can involve a lot more work than the payment includes, but the best part is to be able not to get up in the morning, dress and leave the house to sit in a train for a half an hour.

So basically in my opinion I could be working a lot harder than I would at a regular work, make a similar amount of money, but I would be working when I want, how I want and on what I want. Freedon might be the word that I am looking for.

What ways to make money working from home are there?

Today my knowledge on the ways that I can use to earn an income from home has changed quite a lot. Today the best option in my opinion is to work for yourself – become an entrepreneur. Freelance writing is a great way to make an additional income, and there are people who are doing it full time, but in my opinon there is one great big problem – you can run out of articles to write. Now I know that this could happen in every possible business, and not only if you are trying to make money working as a freelance writer but for some reason it feels a little risky to give up your job to wake up every morning hoping that someone is going to order something to write. You are going to have to do promotion like in any other line of work, but you can be sure that there are days when you just don’t have anything to do, and you can’t really do anything about it.

Doing paid surveys and mystery shopping is something that people are doing to earn money from home, but in the end these are only ways to earn a little pocket change – not a means to a full time income working from home. Usually people have a few good days a month when they score a lot of surveys, but in the end they run out of things to do, and end up waiting for new surveys to answer to. You can make a decent amount per survey when you compare the money earned to the time spent, but if this happens once or twice a month it is not secure, neither is it enough.

Today on the time of the internet, most of the ways to make money working from home, involve affiliate marketing online, or running a succesful website. These are ways that are highly praised by the a-list bloggers but not in the reach of normal people who are hoping to make an income on online using websites and blogs. If you are one of the people who want to make money online, and have been doing it for a while, you must have realized by now that it is not easy to make happen, but following the right people can make it a lot easier, and at the same time following the wrong people can take you further away from your goals.

Dreaming of becoming a social leader on the internet has never been a hobby of mine  – I am simply using the internet to make money from home, and to be honest, the best way to do this is not to socialize but instead work. It’s a nice idea to want to build a single website that is going to make you rich, but it is not going to happen in the real world. The money lies in building blogs, websites and other web properties in bulk and making a little money from each – when you combine this money you have a real residual income that you have created working from home. You are not getting paid to surf around other peoples blogs and making comments about their blog posts, but instead you are paid for the work you are wiling to put in to the process of making money.

To put things in to proportions and to give you real numbers on how much work it is going to involve I will compare it to a “regular day at the office”.

When you get up and go to work, you are still a bit off, and when you sit in your office chair you are still sleeping and most likely you will spend a half an hour jacking around and after that you start reading e-mails. Being unefficent is pretty much that most people do at offices, and hardly anyone is working eight hours a day – actually you have a lunch break, a few coffee breaks and also some time in between when you possibly go an smoke a cig and drink a few coffees. Based on my experiences, people who have spent more than five years that the same job, are working at most 50% of the time they spend there. They are making money working half of the amount that new people work. Is it fair? People who are new to an office are working their asses off, and at the same time they are paid half of what the people who have spent there ten years are earning, by working every other hour of the day.

When you try to make money at home and you have decided to do it by building websites, it is going to be about building websites, and lots of them. The best thing about it is that you are not making anyone else rich, and if you really want to earn money, the best way is to spend eight hours a day working – not thinking about working and not definitely drinking coffee and having lunch. Since it is your own business, it is your money that you are spending when you are not working, and if you have to build four websites a day, then it is taking pretty much all that eight hours to do so.

What I am doing right now to make money working from home?

Many people are aware of the technique of “keyword snipering” with websites, and that is exactly what I am doing at the moment. The key is to find a keyword that is low in competition and and has some search traffic and build a niche website around that keyword. This means building 3-4 posts of high quality content that is informative and rich, put it up on an ugly HTML based site with your choice for monetization. I am doing a mixture right now and I am using the advertisers that have the most appropriate ads for my sites.

My goal is to make a 100 sites a month, and I started approximately this time last week, and right now I am staring at 23 websites up and running. I am not at the pace that I set for a goal in the beginning, but I have had some issues when it comes to time, because this weekend my goddaughter was babtized and I spent a whole day celebrating that on sunday. The key is to build a lot of websites that each bring a little income, and when I combine this it is going to be a decent amount of money. If each of these sites make me .30 per day, I am already looking at $900/mo only from these sites – it might sound like not much when you think that it takes eight hours a day to make it happen, but if you realize the fact that this income is most likely going to stick the next month when I do the exact same thing. After two months I am looking at $1800/mo, and after three months it is $2700/mo. That is the exact beauty of internet marketing and actually making money working from home building websites.

This is all that I can get in to today, because I have to get back building those sites!

Real Ways To Make Money From Home

On November 7, 2009, in Ways To Make Money, by Phil

I used to be like most of the people who ever find these kinds of blogs and most part of me still is – sick with working a regular job and tired of living a frugal life, even if I am making a little money. Sometimes that just is not enough, and I wanted to be able to travel more and enjoy my life a little before I have anything that really ties me to one place for a long time. When that thing comes along I want to be freely able to choose the place where I can settle down and live the way that I want. Since the day I started looking for real ways to make money from home I have not been able to quit it – it has become a passion for me.

I am not your traditional stay at home mom who has all that spare time in her hands and has nothing more to do exept start to make money from home. First of all I am not a mom since I am a man and we don’t have kids :). For someone who is tied to spend all that time with the kids, it is impossible to leave the house in the morning to go to work to earn a living. Sometimes you can do with the money of  your partner but the thing is that it is never enough, especially with kids. You want to be able to spend more time with your family and for that reason alone it is wise to try to earn something extra on the side, so you won’t have to work that much.

The very first thing that I did when I got fed up with the situation where my life was, was search the internet for some real ways to make money from home. I found a lot of websites telling me a lot of things, and to be honest I was still confused and had no idea what I should do to make it possible. I did realise that making money online was going to be something that I woud give a try – even though I had no idea about, and no idea what I should be doing.

Finding a lot of blogs talking about making money on the web is quite easy, but most of them don’t really teach you a single thing, and even more of them are going to sell you something that is useless, and you will end up spending your money and not learning a thing. I spent a few weeks in my beginning reading some of these blogs that talked about blogging for money, and I nearly bought in to them. Subscribing to their feeds and having constant e-mails from them that are eventually building up to the one thing – sell you their product – is something that I am not going to do ever again. Most of these products are focused around either converting something that you are already using to earn extra cash, to something that you can use on the internet to get that income that you want. I wanted to start from scratch and I had no profession and no education to start with. I could not even afford the $500 that it would have cost me to get access to their materials.

After continuing my search for a while I found that people were making real money from home with things like online surveys. These are paid surveys that companies offer to you based on your age, gender and social class, and they do this to get detailed information about your spending habits so that they can improve their services. You are not going to be identified in these surveys, and some of them pay even good money. You can earn a little extra with them, but you are most likely not going to make a full time income with – since I was after that I kept moving.

I’ll remind you that I was after legit ways to make money and not after some of those scams that are promising you to get rich quick by taking advantage of some glitch on the web – I don’t believe in them the first place, and since I want a residual income, it is not going to hold if it is based on an loophole.

Finding real ways to make money from home is actually not that eeasy since there are so many con artists playing this game – the want to sell you something that will barely make you any money, and they are basically making a living off selling these products – not doing what the ebooks that they sell are telling you to do. If they would write an ebook about how to write an ebook about writing an ebook about making money by writing an ebook about how to write an ebook about making money, they would most likely not make that much sales.

Most of the legitimate ways to make money from home are based on a a small number of things and this should be easy to understand. If you are building a traditional business you will have the very same things to consider before you start doing anything. There are no easy ways out.

You are going to need customers if you want to make money from home. If you want to be a freelance writer, then you are going to need someone you will write for; today there are a lot of internet marketers that are building a lot of websites at the same time, so they need someone else to do the writing for them. They are a great group of customers if you can provide good quality with low cost and fast return times. It means that if you are a good and a fast writer you will have a lot of jobs. All you need is a paypal account to get started. Find a “make money online forum” and look there if there are people looking for writers – then make it clear how much you will charge per word and how fast you can return the texts. It is also a good idea to ask them for specific instructions on how you are supposed to write the articles – most of them have strict quidelines about these kinds of things.

Writing for a living is definitely not something that I am hoping to do for the rest of my life, and I am also not a native english speaker, so at some point I would eventually face problems with this. Freelance writing is definitely one of the best real ways to make money from home, since you are going to have immediate money from it – you are normally paid in advance on your paypal account – and if you are good you won’t really have to promote yourself – the word spreads about good writers. You could easily be making $2,000-$4,000 after two three months, if you know what you are doing.

Like with real businesses, you will need to have a good idea about how you are going to make money. If you start a business without any idea of where you are going, you are most likely going to fail miserably. If you want to be a freelance writer, you will need to focus on that and make plans for a few months on how you are going to be successful.

If you don’t want to be a freelance writer then there are other ways you can make money online. Affiliate marketing works in many ways, and most people who are really making a living on the internet are the best marketers. Companies like eBay and Amazon allow you to sell their products through your different web properties, and they are going to give you a comission on all the sales that you make. For this you are going to need a blog, a hubpages or a squidoo account – these are few of the best places that you can practise this. What you are going to need is customers once again, and on the internet that spells traffic. If your blog or your hubs (articles on hubpages) don’t have visitors, you have no-one you could convice to buy the product. Like with real world businesses you are going to have to do promotion, and on the internet there are many ways you can do promotion, although two of them seem to produce best results.

When you wil start with internet marketing you are going to be eventually face the two groups of internet marketing – the social traffic chasers, and the organic traffic chasers.

Social traffic is supposed to be the newest thing there is to internet marketing, and it is mostly driven through large social websites like Facebook, Twitter and other similar. These are people who see an interesting website that is pasted there by someone else, and they go and check it out. They are not necessarily about to buy anything but instead they want to check it out – if they see something that they are interested in, and are on a buying mood they might convert in to sales. If not, then they will most likely hit the back button of their browser and not make you any money. These could be considered as window shoppers – they see something they like in the store and maybe go try it out but never buy anything.

Organic traffic is a term that is not understood by most, but it refers to the kind of traffic that finds your web properties naturally – because they are looking for it. The search engines are used by almost all people who use the internet. The largest one is Google, which is used by almost 80% of all people that search the internet, and it is going to be the biggest one in the future – Yahoo, Bing, and others can’t do a thing about it. Since organic traffic is searching for the product, they are on a buying mood, and they might just buy what you are offering them, if you know how to present it correctly. Websites that attract a lot of organic traffic are the ones that convert well, and they don’t need so many visitors to produce sales. The top internet marketers are using search engine optimization to make their websites rank on the top of the search engine result pages for specific searches, and for this reason alone, they are able to make a lot of money sitting in their home.

Adsense is an advertisement program that is owned by Google. They display Text based ads that have a link pointing to the advertisers website and the publisher gets paid by the clicks. Websites that are driving targeted traffic, usually work very well with adsense, since the people who get in to these websites are looking to buy something – if there is nothing to buy they are going to click a link to get to a website that sells something. The publisher displays the ads on their website, or on their hub or infobarrel and gets paid a percentage of the amount that they arvertiser pays to Google for each visitor.

Usually earning money from home is going to take a lot of work, and there is no easy way out from it. Real ways to make money from home produce great results when executed correctly, but at the same time you are not risking anything else but your time. It is free to get started since all you need is a free web property. Unlike with normal businesses you are most likely going to have to make big initial investments to get started, and you are not going to have any guarantee about future income.