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How to Grow Your eBay Business to 80K/yr Selling LESS STUFF!

Do you want to grow your eBay business and:

  • quadruple your profits
  • almost overnight
  • and by doing less work

I understand that might sound a little Clickbait-y, but just hang with me for a second.

Finding barely enough stuff at garage sales and thrift stores each month to flip for a measly $700/m doesn’t cut it. 

Been there.

So if you want to make enough profit to finally quit your job and do ebay full time, what do you do?  

Most blog posts and content would say “SELL MORE and list 1000s of times.”

Yeah right! Have you tried to actually do that?

“Do SEO, analytics and optimize titles blah, blah, blah.”

No thank you.

We’re not going to do any of this difficult, tech stuff.

We’re going to use an 80/20 approach. (I’ll explain this more later)

Take a look at this hint and see if you can guess the secret to how we do this.


grow your ebay sales
Learned how to flip for big money like this from a couple in Florida.


The 80/20 full time flipping eBay Method

Did you guess right?

If your answer was “42” that’s wrong!

(But great movie reference ;))

The easiest way to grow your eBay business through the roof is to sell high-ticket, high-profit items.

But don’t worry.

It’s easier thank you think. And I’m gonna show you how.

Then I’ll show you the more juicy stuff: what do I sell to grow my business on ebay to get to 80K/yr?

But first…

Think about it:

If you made $1,000 profit on one item, how many items would you have to sell?

What if you made $3,000 like the stair climber example above, which FYI is exactly how much someone profited in my local area on that sale.

Some lady sold it for $300 on OfferUp!

And when I finally convinced my wife we should pick it up…

It was gone.


But how many items would you have to sell to hit 80K/yr if you made that much per sale?

Hopefully by now your gears are turning.

So what are the steps to find these items from home, that will grow your ebay business to 6-figures?


Grow Your ebay Sales the Easy Way


Step 01. OfferUp

Step 02. Use ebay app or site for complted

Step 03. Make offer and pickup

Step 04. Take pictures and list

Step 05. Ship

(method depends on size and weight: freight versus usps verses FedEx)

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