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How To Start Affiliate Marketing (And Win Big in 2021)


You’re finally getting around to starting that affiliate business you’ve always wanted –

It’s a big step most never take. Pat yourself on the back.

So here’s what you need to know to pull this off.


First: The Quick Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Later I’ll show you a free tool that can help you get your first affiliate commissions.

Affiliate marketing is the art of getting people to buy products on your recommendation and receiving a cut from a vendor for each sale you land.

The cut, henceforth known as a “commission”, can range anywhere between 1% up to a whopping 100% of a front-end sale.

Often times the process is handled by a middleman known as an “affiliate network”. The affiliate network acts as the go-between to make things easier for both parties involved: The vendor and the affiliate.

The affiliate benefits from using an affiliate network because they can quickly find vetted, proven products to promote AND most importantly they can sleep soundly knowing their hard-earned commissions aren’t going to disappear in one quick flash during a drug-fueled night at the strip club that a lot of product vendors typically frequent. You’d be surprised – these are common tales from the super affiliate crypt.

The vendor benefits because they can quickly get affiliate to promote their products and they don’t have to mess around with sending payments and all the accounting involved with that.

It’s win-win for both parties. The affiliate network typically collects a 5% fee for their trouble. It’s well worth it in my opinion. 


Next: What Affiliate Networks Are Best In 2021?


You just learned the importance of an affiliate network – they make your life an order of magnitude better. 

Here are some ones to work with:

  • Clickbank
  • Amazon (they recently slashed their commissions considerably, but you still may find some gems here.
  • Jvzoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten Linkshare

What can you promote on these networks? Every single product known to mankind…. In any market.


Going Forward: Enter a Money-Making Niche.


It’s important to home in on just one topic when you’re just starting out. Even us experienced marketers home in on single topics. 

Some of the hottest topics are:





All of these are topics where people will gladly hand over their money to you. 

Here are criteria of markets I like to go after:

-Market offers payouts of $30+ per sale

-The market is based around a problem that needs scratching.

-There are multiple products to promote

-And I like seeing a lot of competitors. This means it’s profitable!

It makes sense to just go with that flow, doesn’t it?


After that, we try to locate easy to rank for keywords.


What’s a keyword?

Have you ever searched on Google something like “How do I invest into an Roth IRA”…

Or “Home dinner recipes”?

If not, rest assured someone else has – and these phrases are keywords.

The idea is that we’ll try to create content around these keyword phrases and by doing so we’ll rank our content to have it land in front of the eyes of people searching for these topics.

Then we simply recommend the products, that we receive commissions on, at the end of the content.

If someone buys from our referral, we receive the cut. 

To uncover these keywords, you can use Google’s free Adwords Keyword tool to get some basic keyword data.

There are premium tools you can invest in, but when starting out the Adwords keyword tool is a great start. 


Next: We start creating our digital assets.


I like to refer to them as “digital assets” instead of content because that’s what they really are – assets that produce income for you for many years to come.

affiliate marketing for beginners
Owning your own website gives you a central hub to collect buyers and residual traffic for years.

It’s like owning a piece of real-estate in your neighborhood that pays you month after month, the only exception is that it’s fully digital. You don’t need to manage it, talk to people, do maintenance, or any of the usual drag. 

What do you make your assets around?

The niche and keywords you discovered in prior steps.

Here are the top recommended assets to create:

Blog posts ON YOUR OWN Blog –

Creating content on your own site gives you control and longevity in your marketplace. 

A blog is typically a long term asset – meaning it takes awhile for it to snowball and get momentum. Sometimes several months or more. But once you gain that momentum, it can yield fruit for many years to come. I’ve had blogs still pull in traffic and sales 5+ years later with minimal additional effort after initial creation. 

I recommend creating blog posts somewhere between the 1000-2300 word count mark. Try to avoid “padding out” your content just to reach a certain number of words.

Why? Because Google judges the quality of your content by how long someone stays, and whether they view more posts on your blog. This is your “bounce-back” percentage – how quickly someone returns to Google after clicking your site – without viewing another page. This is one important metric that Google uses to determine the quality of your site.

YouTube videos –  

These are one of my most favorite digital assets to create.

They can seem intimidating at first. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to AND YouTube videos can drive views and sales for 8+ years after creating them.

What business do you know of where you can do the work once and get results 8 years or more later?

There are many different style of videos: PowerPoint slide, animation, b-roll combos, in person, interview, podcasts, and more. You can mix and match the different styles together for an even more unique piece of content.

Ideally you want to aim somewhere around 10 minutes per video, but just like written content don’t “pad it out”. YouTube ranks your videos based on how long people view them – and if the viewer sees boring or repeated material, they will lose interest and leave early. So with that, if you can only create a video that’s 7 minutes in length that’s OK.

Slideshares, Audiobooks, eBooks and more.

You can then quickly convert your video presentations and blog posts into a plethora of different kinds of digital assets. Quickly take your slides from your videos and pop a gig on Fiverr to have the slides syndicated out to slideshare networks.

Take your blog posts and convert them into PDFs and then syndicate those PDFs out to ebook sharing sites.

The possibilities are endless if you put in that “extra mile” of work.


Remember: It takes time to breakthrough.


Most beginners give up because they quit right before the results compound. Typically the first month you won’t see any activity because it takes time to age. 

After the 2nd to 3rd month you’ll start to see those compounding results that can make a large difference In your online income. Just remember, it takes time.

Those that persevere through the 2-3 month lag period are the ones who take home the winnings! 

If you’d like to get started with your own free mini-website set up today that’ll pull in leads and affiliate commissions starting 60 seconds from now, go here and enter your email to grab your free website today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s easy! As we just laid out in this post, find a target audience where there’s actually money flowing and join a reputable network. Then go back and put the steps in this post into practice to get sales.

  • The only thing you’d ever have to pay is a website or traffic… but you can get these free. This post laid out for you some free methods on how to do both. 🙂

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